The Chestnut. short films brought to OFFline by Hack

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Date(s) - 12/10/2019
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Chestnut


A selection of short films brought to OFFline by the best independent Irish animators screened at HACKfest, an alternative animation film festival based in Dublin.

*Here is a message from the CEO of HACK inc. who for legal reasons would prefer to remain nameless:
“Hellow. We are HACK inc. We are an animation thing but we are also a company who make “Animated Content™”. Over the years we done AN ALTERNATIVE ANIMATION FESTIVAL IN DUBLIN CALLED HACKFEST where we played animated
filums that some people didn’t even get paid to make but they arestill important. here is A SPECIAL SELECTION OF OUR MOST COST EFFICIENT FILUMS to give you a sample of just what we can do. Ireland is changing fast and animation is changing faster and bizness is changing faster but HACK is faster than all of that so let us HACK you today! #HACK”

Happening before, during and after OFFline is a special animation programme thanks to investment from Offaly County Council and the JVM Trench Will Trust. What’s it all about? I hear you say… Read on!

Take Me To Your Leader!
A heinous alien overlord has come to conquer Earth. His name is… Barry. On arrival his computer malfunctions leaving him lost and confused. Who is the leader? How can he find them and conquer the planet? Barry flies from town to town trying to find out about government in order to conquer it! Along the way he learns about community, co-operation and civic engagement which starts to make him think twice about this world domination thing.
Take Me To Your Leader! is a workshop based web series which
aims to encourage civic and political engagement. Young people are invited to write, draw and star in a collaborative piece of animation, learning each part of the process. The content of the shorts will relate to local issues with the intent of introducing young people to the very basics of Irish government and ways theycan make a positive impact on their community; hoping to make the idea of animated filmmaking less intimidating while doing the same to politics.


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