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Tell us what business's are reopening in your town

It has being a dream of mine for years, that no matter where you are, or what you want, you can easily find local deals, events and special offers. If it’s a coffee shop in Dublin or a hotel in Kerry.
This information can be found on the internet, but I wanted to see the latest deals, as they happen. Latest deals or offers are not so easily found. So if I was looking for a coffee shop in a particular town, I could find them easily, but more importantly, I could not find their current offers.
To find current offers, as they happen, Facebook was the place to go. But I began to notice that a lot of the pages I was following were not showing up on my feed.
If I was in a strange town, no matter where I looked, I could not easily find up to date information on deals, special offers and events.
I decided there was a need for a site that could easily supply local, national and international, up to date, information, for all types of businesses, and that the information could be found easily, hence BoZing.Com was born.

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Tell us what business's are reopening in your town

If you are a non business person but know a business that has reopened, please tell us the details  using the link below, and we will promote them.

Are you a business? Would you like to list your business, on

Business’s can post up to 4 deals and special offers per month, on our website, This includes, showing coupons and vouchers.

Yes using our site’s software, business’s can now issue coupons.

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