Limerick. Salt Therapy Session For Child (€8) or Adult (€10) at Ultimate Health Clinic

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Looking to give relief to congestion and other respiratory or skin conditions, a salt therapy appointment lasts around one hour, which is comprised of an initial consultation followed by a treatment of roughly 45 minutes. The room looks to replicate a naturally occurring salt cave’s environment using walls and floors coated in salt, as well as dry, salt-infused air for clients to breathe. Clients can relax with ambient music and lighting while the airborne salt particles get to work, with a children’s room available for little ones to receive therapy while playing with toys or books, or watching some television.

Choose from the following options for a salt therapy session:
€8 for one child (77% off)
€10 for one adult (71% off)

Ultimate Health Clinic
Georges Quay Building Georges Quay, Limerick

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