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Malahide Autos Service with Oil Change, Mini Valet and Optional Fuel System Cleaner

€58.95 €140

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€58.95 for a car service with oil and filter change and mini valet (58% off)
€68.95 for a car service with oil and filter change, mini valet and fuel system cleaner (57% off)
Service includes:
Engine oil change
Standard oil filter change
Exterior and interior light check
Horn, wiper blades and washer operation check
Windscreen washer fluid check and top-up
Power steering fluid level check
Brake and clutch fluid level check
Coolant or anti-freeze level check and top-up
Battery operation and security check
Uneven tyre wear check
Tyre tread depths and condition check; including spare tyre
Tyre pressure check and reset
Front and rear brake pads and discs check
Reset of service light, if applicable

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