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Business’s can post up to 4 deals and special offers per month, on our website, This includes, listing their coupons and vouchers.

Yes using our site’s software, business’s can now issue coupons online.

Business’s can also show event details which can be easily found on search or under their town event category.

Business’s may also show their full business details in our directory.

Possible clients who could be looking for a business like yours, can now find your business, including all the latest deals and events you may have.

All this for free.

If you request to become a member, we will do some simple checks, this is to try and keep Bozing spam free. One request is that your business facebook page likes bozings facebook page, Here. then we can then check your business facebook page and we can then also see you have a business website. Having a business website is not a necessity.
if we make you a member, of we will send the details to your business email. We can only send the details to the email address, you used when requesting to join. Where possible, we will use your business name as your username.

All this is for security reason, to try and have a good spam free site, with useful information, not spam.

You should hear back from us within 24/48 hours.  We will send you an email with your username and password plus a link to login to write your details, special offers and events.

So please like our facebook page here and using the contact page here send us a request to join.

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